Over The Air (OTA) Analytics deliver turnkey AAIAA projects for our customers:

CQUIRE data from the field in real time

  ASSIMILATE large data sets in our cloud servers

  INTERPRET and visualise the data for easy access

  ANALYSE trends and real time data feeds

  ACT in real time to manage your infrastructure for efficient operation


Over The Air (OTA) Analytics provide real time control solutions for utilities, commercial customers and domestic installations. We deploy our systems to monitor and manage your assets in real time, from the comfort of your control room or office.

Our software solutions are designed to process and display your ‘Big Data’ in a user-friendly format. Our online dashboard tools are powered by our cloud hosting, to deliver real-time data feeds and control protocols to our customers.

The Team

Peter Melville-Shreeve, CEO

Peter is the founder of OTA Analytics. He has experience in: stormwater control strategies; engineering legislative frameworks; water efficiency; sustainable drainage; & flood management.

Hossein Rezaei, CTO

Hossein is a chartered civil engineer, with >10 years’ experience in hydraulics, flooding, software development & real-time control of infrastructure using low power WAN technologies.


Lorna Devenish, Community Engagement Manager

Lorna is responsible for public engagement, with over ten years’ experience as a communications officer for South West Water.

John Tipping, CPCS-qualified RMS installer

John is our qualified rainwater management systems (RMS) installer. He is Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) recognised.

Sarah Cotterill, Project Manager

With 6 years’ water industry experience & a doctorate in environmental engineering, Sarah manages the OrganiCity project, and carries out market research & bid-writing.


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