Over The Air “Catapult” to the Future

With an ever-growing population, an unpredictable climate, and stretched resources, the city of London faces challenges every day. Future Cities Catapult, whose mission is “to advance urban innovation, to grow UK companies, and to make cities better” launched an open call to solve some of London’s challenges: from tackling noise pollution to making cycling safer. The call, Things Connected, created an opportunity for businesses, universities and city leaders to work together to solve some of the cities problems, using devices connected  to London’s Low-Power LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network).

Our sister company, KloudKeeper, was one of six UK SME’s awarded a share of the £50,000 funding. KloudKeeper used this to demonstrate smart rainwater capture, reuse and release hardware, which can minimise flooding and reduce water demand. We’re currently working hard to build on this smart rainwater harvesting trial, using our SYMBiotIC software. We will roll out more trials in 2017 with project partners at the University of Exeter,  University of Sheffield (TWENTY65) and University College London.

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