Safe and SuRe: “Saving Our Water” Event

As a recent Alumnus of the University of Exeter (graduating from his Engineering Doctorate last week),  our CEO Peter recently attended a Safe and SuRe event, “Saving Our Water: Innovations in Urban Water Management.”

The Safe and SuRe team, led by Professor David Butler, aim to deliver resilient urban water systems to cope with today’s global challenges… much like OTA Analytics! Photos from the event are available here. 

Here’s a sneak peak of Pete in action, showing attendees some of the pilot installations we have already completed in London.

Photo Credit: University of Exeter, Flickr.

Pete also delivered an interactive game to show how we can better manage our resources, and what the smart cities of the future will be like! Find out more about what we’re doing by following us on twitter @OTAanalytics

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