Team work and tank assembly

Just before the festive break, Team OTA gathered at their HQ to assemble the smart rainwater management systems (RMS) that will be installed in London next week. After their hard work bringing everything together, they celebrated 2017 with a Christmas meal in Exeter!

The tanks, built in the penultimate week of December, will be used to: manage the local water resources, and help to mitigate sewer flooding;  provide water for community gardening projects; and educate school children, through a series of creative and technical workshops linked to RMS.

Hossein, Peter, Dan, and John set to work assembling the fittings and loggers for the tanks which will be used in our OrganiCity project, “RainSense“.

They assembled four tanks, which will be installed at four London locations in collaboration with Southwark Borough Council, and an extra one which will be kept at OTA HQ for benchmarking.

OTA’s smart “Internet of Things” technology will be powered entirely off-grid, using solar panels. The data will be used to validate whether smart RMS can be cost-effectively deployed throughout UK cities as autonomous stormwater flood prevention and drought mitigation assets.

To find out more about what we’re doing in Southwark with OrganiCity, follow our progress on twitter @OTAanalytics or @OrganiCity_eu


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